Intro Statement

August 21, 2017

Hi! I am Bill Poje. Welcome to Poje.Biz! Thank you for visiting… I hope you enjoy your stay!

The intent of this website is to give visitors the chance to preview both published and work-in process material, as well as an overview of Poje LLC. It's finally time to really push things forward and so this website is being addressed.  Future changes to the site can be expected soon.


I want to personally thank everyone again who has purchased a copy of Painless.  This website would not exist if it were not for your support.

I also want to give an extra special thanks to everyone who has sent me comments about Painless and the other written material I am producing.  The support I have received from you is very dear to me and I appreciate your input more than I can express.  I am thrilled by the pleasant badgering some of you are giving me to get the next books out!
I must also mourn the fantastic staff and store managers of all the Borders\Waldens\Borders Express stores who welcomed Painless into their stores  I enjoyed meeting all of you and your customers and miss all of you.


In my life I have enjoyed the good fortune to experience many different jobs and locations and establish relationships with thousands of people. A lot of knowledge has been learned along the way. For a variety of reasons a few years ago I decided that the time was right for me to write to communicate what I have seen and learned. Hopefully this is done in an entertaining manner.

I call the genre of the material “Modern Noir.” Modern means that the subject matter of is in a current time frame (versus a period piece from the past). The characters travel all over the place. Noir means that the subject matter deals with crime and society.

The material is also intended to both entertain and to make the reader think about life and the realities we share. The plot moves the characters but the story is about the people.

Painless, published in September 2008, is the first product. The product is designed to be a fun R rated movie filled with Spice\Steam\Romance, chase scenes, mega amounts of crime, bling, violence, humor, soap opera, a soundtrack, cool locations, language…and a big finish! People who have a sense of humor and are not locked into a mindset of human predestination really enjoy the book.

For the curious: the Painless influences in construct are The Big Sleep (Raymond Chandler book and Bogart/Bacall film), Chinatown, Once Upon a Time In The West, Once Upon A Time In America, and A Fistful of Dynamite (a.k.a. Duck, You Sucker) well as some As I Lay Dying (Faulkner).

The Home Page Menu tabs should be self explanatory...but some of the sub links have been if you try and click on some items you may get a dead spot.  A better front end to the website but that is reserved for the future.

Your time is greatly appreciated!
I sincerely hope that you enjoy!