Intro Statement

February 11, 2019

Hi! I am Bill Poje. Welcome to Poje.Biz! Thank you for visiting… I hope you enjoy your stay!

The intent of this website is to give visitors the chance to preview both published and work-in process material, as well as an overview of Poje LLC. 

This particular page and construct is still a dying animal.  There are 2 books in the publication process:  "The Byzantine Pineapple" and "Corporation X."  These books are out for pre-publication review and there are many other marketing activities occurring in the background....not the least of which is the revamped website!

I thought the 2 new books would be published by now but due to circumstances beyond my control the date is now approximately April 1.  The last of the 5 pre-publication book reviews is slated to arrive March 5 and then the final publication process begins.  That includes the new build of this website.

Should you be on a "need to know" basis" and would like to preview the unpublished web pages being built...super!  Just contact Poje and arrangements will be made to accommodate.

Enjoy this while you can! :)

Also...apologies...but the website is currently down...and has been down for 4 months...due to circumstances beyond my control.   However...the resolution is underway and the site should be restored within a week.

I want to personally thank everyone again who has purchased a copy of Painless.  This website would not exist if it were not for your support.

I also want to give an extra special thanks to everyone who has sent me comments about Painless and the other written material I am producing.  The support I have received from you is very dear to me and I appreciate your input more than I can express.  I am thrilled by the pleasant badgering some of you are giving me to get the next books out!
I must also mourn the fantastic staff and store managers of all the Borders\Waldens\Borders Express stores who welcomed Painless into their stores  I enjoyed meeting all of you and your customers and miss all of you.