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Five Points

You No Blame Dem Yout’ (2011 Jassino Remix)

You no blame dem Yout’
Dey been fooled de Youth
You no blame dem Yout’ a today
Dey been fooled de Youth

Ya’ll teach dem youths to learn inna school
Of the Giant Fo Fum anna Fee
Teach dem youths to learn inna school
Robba Giant and it all is Free

So You no blame dem Yout’ when dey no learn
Dey been fooled de Youth
You no blame dem Yout’ a today
Dey been fooled de Youth

Ya’ll teach the yout about Christopher Wallace
N ya say he is a very great man
Ya’ll teach the yout about Raymond Rogers
N ya say he is a very great man

Ya’ll teach the yout about Lesane Crooks
N ya say he is a very great man
Ya’ll teach the yout about James Tapp, Jr
N ya say he is a very great man

So You no blame dem Yout’ of today
Dey been fooled de Youth
You no blame dem Yout’ a today
Dey been fooled de Youth

All these great men were rappin’
Robbing and Raping, Kidnapping and Killing
So called great men were rappin’
Robbing and Raping, Kidnapping and Killing

No need no Xmas Come
Teach dem yout’ ta need a gun
Sports stars Christmas Come
Get some bling-bling gotta use a gun

So You no blame dem Yout’ cuz they be bad
Dey been fooled de Youth
You no blame dem Yout’ a today
Dey been fooled de Youth

Rapping bought violence make a very great man
Rapping bought criminals make a very great man

Ya’ll teach the youth about Curtis Jackson
N ya say he is a very great man
Ya’ll teach the youth about Yafeu Akiyele Fula
N ya say he is a very great man

Ya’ll teach the yout about Andre Young
N ya say he is a very great man
Ya’ll teach the yout about Andre Louis Hicks
N ya say he is a very great man

You no blame dem Yout’
Dey been fooled de Youth
You no blame dem Yout’ a today
Dey been fooled de Youth

Yeah ya say dey are such very great men

Bennie’s eyes went from Shalam’s nails to her face. He wondered Would she sell her uterus for a reparation payout? Bennie numbly handed Shalam a beer. “Here, here ya go.”

“Thank you baby” Shalam replied. She sported the smile of youth of experiencing adult vice for, if not the first time, certainly not for the one thousandeth time.

Wye interrupted with drunken anger saying “What the hell is this? We been cooling our jets in here for hours. Who the hell are you?”

Bennie said “My name is…” and he caught himself. He had not thought what name to use but he didn’t want to use his own. “My name is Slim” he said.

“Well, yo, Slim” Wye said “What up? You da black Slim Shady? Leroy’s text message said he’d be here a couple hours ago and we been chilling and now I’m illing cuz ain’t no Leroy here. Now, we ain’t mindin’ all the free hospitality but, damn homey, there’s only so much bonkyboo dat we can do, ya know?”

Bennie experienced a brief involuntary laugh. He slowly said “Yeah, well, Leroy he, ah, Leroy kinda moves to his own beat. He can always be full of surprises.”

Wye and Shalam looked at each other. They looked at Bennie. “Yeah, we dig” Shalam said.

Bennie said “Well, drink up and we can go. I’ll show you the way to where we need ta go.”

Wye said “You gonna let all them beers there go to waste? Uh-Uh.” He told Shalam “Baby why don’t you stick them full ones in the giant bag you carryin’ around.” Shalam discreetly complied.

Wye said “Let’s go.” They stood up. “We followin’ you?” he asked

Bennie replied “Nah. I got dropped off. You be drivin’. We’re just going down the road here a bit; down to Five Points. I’ll point ya there.”

“Lead the way, Slim” Wye told him. Wye looked at Shalam. They both smiled with impromptu movements singing His Name is, His Name is.

They exited the strip club and entered an SUV. Bennie sat in the front. Shalam took the back. Wye drove. Bennie got a good whiff when he entered the vehicle. He became concerned when Wye lit up the second half of a big number. Wye offered it to Bennie.

“Nah, nah…I’m cool man” Bennie said.

Wye shrugged his shoulders and passed the unit to Shalam. Wye exhaled saying “Yeah I bet Leroy gets you everything you want already, don’t he? Man I don’t who he buys from but the price he’s givin’ me…shit…I’ll be a fuckin’ millionaire in no time. I made a mint off’n the last load. We meetin’ in the Five Points Marta station lot again?”

A bit of a contact buzz settled in on Bennie. He felt real tired all of a sudden. It was the tired of being part of a train wreck that you know you are going to be a part of and that you can’t do anything to stop. You just want the event to be over with so you can start picking up from the damage done. “Nah.” Bennie remembered the directions. “We wanna go down Peachtree to Mitchell. Take a right at Mitchell.” He closed his eyes and thought What if I get lost? I got no cell phone on me. I could get lost and then they wouldn’t find me. They wouldn’t find us and whatever is planned to happen won’t happen. He shot awake as that thought escaped. The realization of his thoughts hit him.

Bennie looked at Wye. “You from Detroit, right?”

Wye gave a Bennie a Nigger, Please look. “I’m from Novi.”

Bennie rapidly turned and looked at Shalam. “You from Novi too?”

Shalam said “Baby I’m from Buckhead.”

Bennie asked “How’d the two a you hook up?” Shalam and Wye looked at each other and laughed. “Whasso funny?” Bennie asked.

“Baby, I’m the party!” Shalam answered. “Leroy pays good for me to party!” She leaned up to the front seat and reached her long arms around started rubbing Bennie’s chest and then down his belly and over his pants. “You wanna party later baby? I ain’t makin’ the drive north with Whitey here. I got time and and I been paid. You like whatcha see? Hmmm?”

The vehicle had turned on Mitchell while they were talking. Bennie’s eyes saw the sign for Central. He quickly snapped “Here…here…on Central make a Louie.”

(Working Draft)
Five Points

Yeah, I once had a dream Bennie thought. I dreamed I would make a difference. Then I had another dream. I dreamed I would make a difference in a different way. And then I had another dream. A dream of money and sex. And then I had another dream. A dream of Penance. So much for my dreams.

Bennie drank up and ordered a bucket of beers. It was time to get a move on. He carried the bucket of beers across the bar to meet Wye.

Bennie walked over to the booth carrying a bucket of beers. He saw that Wye was busy with a young black female. “May I join you?” he asked.

Wye eyeballed Bennie. He motioned with a hand for Bennie to have a seat. “Where’s Leroy?” he asked.

Bennie extended a beer saying “Leroy sent me here to get you. Here, have a beer.”

Wye took the beer. “Just what I need, another beer.” Wye turned his head to look at a clothed black female evidently accompanying him. “You hear that, Shalam? Have another beer.” Wye looked at Bennie. “Did you bring a beer for Shalam here?”

Exceptionally well manicured nails extended to Bennie from a beautiful black female. Bennie guessed she was about eighteen years old. She was braided and nose studded wearing a small top and a short skirt. Her face shone polished and painted. Drunk, youthful happy intelligence radiated from her eyes and lips. On her nails Bennie observed images of Barack Obama.

Bennie’s mind stopped. The phrases of Kidokezo freight trained in his head. His mind went through a series of transitional thoughts such as people who are tired and who are drinking suddenly get where domino after domino gets slammed on the table of realization.

“Think about it. You’d be like John Shaft or Jack Spade or Undercover Brother. You’d be a hero in the black community. Actually, you’d be a hero in many other communities too because any white or Asian or Hispanic or Arabic women can get knocked up with Genuine Slave Semen and have eight kids and as long as the DNA checks out according to the bill they all would qualify for reparation payments. Who gives a shit whether any one of those children every will experience the racism of the past? No one championing Slave Reparations really does. It’s like Van Jones saying after the Rodney King and the OJ Simpson verdicts that the time for rioting and revolution is now! It’s all about mind control just like controlling whites by enforcement of the term the N-Word. Any white who says nigger shall be beaten. Anyone who goes against the reparation legislation shall be beaten until the omnibus bill is passed. And then every child would have a trust fund and every adult will have buckets of cash and AACORN will have corporations all set up to manage the cash for everyone. And you could be the face of the campaign. Your image would be worth millions of dollars. Your image as a hero would be everywhere! You could be the true hero of America! You could be proud of America for the first time in your life!”

Bennie’s mind raced to That would be the next publicly traded product. He sounds like there are people in Chicago or somewhere ready to set up a new Carbon Emission trading system. Slave Semen would be the product. There would be both a current market price and a futures market. What breeder would provide the best stock for an octo-Mom-er to be inseminated with to get the most bang for the buck? Maybe a woman would want to have children with sports star DNA. Heck, there are probably women who would want to have the seed of They be Rapin’ Our Husbands Antoine!

But why stop there? Justin Bieber seed could be traded. There are plenty of…

His mind stopped a second. The whole Reparation thing will never work Bennie thought. There would have to be riots or something horrible happening worse than American Society is at today to make it happen and that ain’t happening. This is nuts. Koo is just insane.

Wye laughed as he made a dangerous turn rapidly cutting over. “Damn man. She kinds get you goin there? Forget whatcha be doin’?”

Bennie pointed to the right at the end of the block. “Over there. That church across from the Courthouse. Pull up there and park.”

Wye gave Bennie a funny look as he complied. “Now what?” Wye asked as he parked.

“Now we go to church” Bennie answered.

Wye looked up the steps at the four wooden doors and the two bums sprawled out on the cement steps. A little light shone through the stained glass panes that were above the doors. “In there?” Wye asked incredulously. He looked at Bennie wondering WTF.

Bennie had stepped out of the vehicle. He shut the door and opened the back door to escort Shalam out. “C’mon. Both of you. Let’s go.”

Wye rubbed a hand across his face and slowly exited the vehicle. He looked around. The area was dead. There was little traffic. He looked at the drunks on the steps. They looked like they were sleeping off a lot of MD 20/20; he noticed some empty bottles of Blue Raspberry with Bling Bling laying around. Wye slowly walked around and up the stairs.

Bennie led the way. As they reached the door Bennie thought to ask “I’m just curious….if you don’t mind…what’s your last name Wye?” Bennie tried the center door. It was locked.

He heard the door to the left open and a voice softly say “Over here, quick.” Bennie led the way over.

Wye was suspicious of anyone asking his name. He was suspicious of everything at the moment. He decided to answer “Leroy already knows that. Why don’t you know?”

Bennie had entered the church. He looked back at Wye as Wye entered the candle lit foyer of the hallowed grounds. “Hey I was just curious, that’s all” Bennie said.

Shalam followed Wye into the Immaculate Heart. The door was pushed closed behind them by Kidokezo. He pulled a chain across the doors and locked everyone inside. Mandingo came out of one side access. Lazy Dick came out of the other side. Both of them wielded shotguns pointed at Wye. Bennie backed away to get out of a line of fire.

Wye’s arms opened out. He looked at Mandingo saying “Leroy. What up, man? What’s with the guns? I ain’t done nothin’. There ain’t no need for any of that.”


From behind Wye Kidokezo picked up large wrench lying against a door. He swung the wrench into the side of Wye’s knee. Wye’s knee buckled and he dropped down to the injured leg.


Shalam’s hands went to hear head and she started screaming. She took a step to run to the main body of the church. Kidokezo reached out and grabbed her by the hair before she could get going. She lost her footing and found herself painfully suspended by her roots. Her feet kicked rapidly as she tried to regain her footing. The next thing she knew her head and upper torso were flying towards the ground as the Mayor threw her backwards. Her screaming continued until his cowboy boot kicked her hard in the temple. It scared Bennie to see her body go from flailing to limp in the blink of an eye.

Her purse dropped near Wye. He heard the clank of beer bottles. He dove over and grabbed a couple bottles of beer out of the bag. Wye struggled to his feet. He unevenly faced Kidokezo swinging the bottles.

“Well, well, well” The Mayor orated. “Look who brought some beer to the party!” He swung the wrench out teasingly. “You wanna party? Let’s party?”

Wye backed to the doors. “What’s this about?” He looked at the rifles and Bennie and the wrencehwielder. “Man I don’t know nothin’! I ain’t done nothin’! What the hell ya’ll want from me?”

The Mayor laughed. He teasingly poked at Wye with the spanner while speaking. Wye kept tapping the wrench away with the bottles. “Well, ya see here Wyetee, this here be a big ol’ monkey wrench! And I’m a half assed monkey boy! You shoulda listened to yer ol’ man. Ya can’t trust them porch monkeys, ya know! I know yer ol’ man taught ya that lesson.