I Had a Dream




(African American Coalition On Reparations Now)

I Had A Dream

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The Democratic Party community threw a breakfast fundraiser at the Chop House. All the local movers and shakers were in attendance. The race was nearing the finish. It was time to show colors.

The incumbent had spoken first. This allowed Mayor John Howard Griffin control of the dialogue. The Mayor spoke as all incumbents speak. They speak of the accomplishments of the term and then they speak of the unfinished business that the incumbent is pursuing. Then the challenger speaks second.

Kidokezo spoke at the podium the speech of his young political life. The speech was not to the public. The speech was to the money of the party. Without the broad based support of money there would be no successful title fight.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow members of the Democratic Party of Detroit. I thank you all for your time this morning.” He paused for effect.

“The Democratic Party. I ask all of you. What does being Democratic mean? For me…being Democratic means…having a dream!” His charismatic smile came out. “And I don’t just mean a dream of being the mayor of Detroit!” The audience chuckled.

“No. No. No… my good citizens of Detroit, my dream is the dream of the great Doctor Martin Luther King. Dr. King’s dream was that one day in Detroit black and white will be able to join hands and break bread together in peace…just like we are doing here this morning.”

“Now, I know that many of you look up this podium and you see and hear a man with white skin speaking to you and you say to yourself…there ain’t no way in hell a man with white skin is getting in to the position of Mayor of this once proud city. And I do mean…once proud city.”

“I ask that each of you…every one of you…look around at the table next to you and around the room. Go ahead…do it. And I ask you…what do you see? Do you see a crowd made up mostly of black skinned people with a few white skinned people and some olive skinned people and some mulatto skinned people…or do you just see people? I ask you…what do you think the Great Doctor King see’s today as he watches over all of us from heaven today? When Doctor King looks into your heart this morning do you make him proud by seeing people…or is all you see color? My dream is Doctor King’s dream that what you see are people without color…people who want to work together for the Democratic good of the people of Detroit.”

“My skin is thin on melanin but my mother’s skin was not. My mother’s skin was black and so my birth certificate classifies me as a black man even though that is not what your eyes tell you that you see. My father had white skin but my mother never saw him as a white man nor did she ever see him as Massa. Nor did my father ever see her as Sally Hemmings. They saw each other as two people in love just as I did when I met and married my lovely wife Anita. I say to you today that if the two of them could look beyond color and have children that all look different then the citizens of this once great city will look beyond the color of my skin and will vote Kidokezo Koo the next mayor of Detroit!”

Koo paused to let thoughts sink in. “Now, this election is not about nor should any election ever be about race. Rather, this election is about ideas and the future of Detroit and the future we leave for our children. I have a child and a daughter and I shudder to think of what the future of this city holds for them. Now, I am lucky. I have the means to move to a nice suburb or farther away to another city but I grew up in Detroit and I believe in Detroit and I want my children to be able to look up to their father and say that he did not run away from the problems of the city. Rather, their father is a man who fought the problems of the city to make a better life for the citizens of the city.”

“The current administration of the esteemed John Howard Griffin is not inherently bad. They are just stuck in the past. They are stuck in the same rut of doing business and promoting ideas that have been around for the last forty years since the days of Doctor King. They can’t break free of the shackles and chains of the past and, quite frankly, they don’t want to. Why should they? These ideas keep them in positions of power and money and there is no reason for them to change. The problem is…our once proud city suffers because of this.”

“Muhammad Ali, when he was Cassius Clay, also spoke out about social injustice. He said that when he turned on the TV or opened up a magazine that what did he see? He saw the white man selling him cigarettes and deodorant. Whether it was 1963 or 1968 is was the white man still in control of everything. There were only three main TV channels and the white man still controlled the world.”

“In the 1960’s there was inequality in admission to public places based upon race. Doors were shut because of the color of skin. Unemployment was higher for blacks because of the color of the skin. Hate was seen in the eyes of others because of the color of the skin. Police routinely harassed and beat people because of the color of their skin. Black men were lynched because of the color of their skin.”

“This is the world that John Howard Griffin perpetuates to his own benefit. People elected him not because of any programs he proposed or enacted during his time in office but because he keeps alive the belief that the nightmare that inspired Doctor King’s dream still exists. He says re-elect me because unemployment is higher than the national average in the city because the population of the city is made up of mostly black men and women and the social injustice of the 1960’s is the reason for this high unemployment.”

“Now, I ask you, how do you think the rest of the nation and the State looks at this problem facing the city of Detroit? Do you think they look at it and say the higher unemployment level is because of the color of the skin…or because of the actions each person takes in their lives? The government needs to help but no one can guarantee any job but making license plates to people who walk around with their underwear showing, to those who dropped out of school and who, worst of all, have an attitude of woe is me because of who I am and where I live.”

“The world of Mayor John Howard Griffin is one of belief that no opportunity exists. It is all about perpetuating 1963. Black people and Black cities are oppressed because of skin color and that is the reason for all the ills of the society. This is nothing more than a ploy to keep the current regime in power.”

“Look at the world today. There are thousands of TV channels and there are black people selling products to white people. There are thousands of internet sites run by black people. Oprah is everywhere. Samuel Jackson and Denzel Washington are everywhere. So are Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. I ask you: Where is the lack of opportunity?”

“Doctor King told us of his dream. He told us what would satisfy him. He stood in this city and he stood in Washington DC and he preached to us about what would satisfy him. I ask you: How many of you know what else Doctor Martin Luther King preached the same day he preached that he had a dream? Let’s review how far we have come in 40 years.”

“Doctor King said We can Never Be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. I ask all of you…truly…if police brutality were so bad in this country today based upon race…how come the victims aren’t on Oprah or in Jet magazine or being interviewed daily on BET? Do you think they wouldn’t love the ratings that would follow? I mean, I’m sure most of you are aware of Chris Rock’s Public Service Announcement about how not to get your ass kicked by the Po-Lice. Most, not all, but most every time you see or hear of a black man getting beat by the police the video people see is of a Rodney King running from the police and getting his ass kicked. I ask you: Is being Rodney King’d the unspeakable horrors of police brutality that Doctor King spoke of?”

“Another thing that Doctor King said was that we can never be satisfied as long as our bodies cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities. Well, where are the places where lodging cannot be gained because of the color of the skin? I’m sure plenty of you here dropped a pretty penny at the Motor City or the MGM or Greek Town but when was the last time you heard of someone being kicked out of the Ponchatrain cuz they had a non-white skin color? Those places of lodging they’ve been pretty well been rooted out now doncha think?”

“Doctor King also said that we cannot be satisfied as long as the Negro’s basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one. What, do all of you believe that all blacks live in a large ghetto? There are a lot of pro sports players that people of all races see on TV every day of the week. Do you think that Joey D and Isiah live in a ghetto? How about all a you in this room? You’re all the movers and shakers of the city. Do y’all be livin’ in a ghetto? Detroit’s got bigger ghettos than it should especially for all the wealth that came through from the auto biz but can you honestly tell me that here in 2005 that the only place that every single black male and female can go is from ghetto to ghetto? Do you really think that the only place you live is in a larger ghetto?

“What else did Doctor King say in his I have a Dream Speech? Doctor King said we can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their selfhood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating ‘for white only’.” I ask you, short of the KKK and other racist groups that do exist, where are the for white only signs? Who in the 21st century in the USA, refuses to serve the black man or woman with dollar in their hand? Y’all know that in Congress there ain’t a White Congressional Caucus. There’s a Black Congressional Caucaus but there ain’t a White Congressional Caucus. You might find me some places where blacks aren’t welcome and that is a shame but tell me is whitey welcome everywhere on every street in the city of Detroit? The issue is, though, are signs posted saying For Whites or Blacks only?”

“Doctor King now he also said he said we can never be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes has nothing for which to vote. Now, there may be citizens who are not registered to vote…and groups like AACORN are working to remedy that…but tell me true…what legitimate citizens who want to be a registered voter and want to vote cannot do so because of the color of their skin? Every election there are reports of the unnamed unidentified mass “disenfranchised” voters. But where are they? How many of them have you personally met in the last ten years? I mean, you wanna get real then let’s get real about it!”

“My fellow members of the Democratic Party; We cannot change the fortunes of this once great city until we change our mindset from the past. We must accept the fact that everything that Doctor King stated needed to occur before we could be satisfied has already occurred. The only shackles of the past that still exist are the mind control shackles of the past. Only by discarding these last shackles of the past, these last manacles of the past, can we move beyond the failed policies of the past that hang over the head of our community and continue to drag us down.”

“I ask you: Why are there only two candidates here today speaking to you? Is it because of the inability to vote? No! It is not due to the inability to vote! Is it because of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality? No! It is not due to the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. Is it because our children are stripped of their selfhood and dignity by signs stating “White Only”? I don’t think in the city of Rosa Parks anyone has seen “white only” signs for many years, especially since this city originated white flight, but there has been a stripping of selfhood and dignity and that is why the youth of this city gunned down our friend John Jackson who was poised to run for mayor of this once proud city. No my fellow citizens, we, all of us here today, we are responsible for creating the lack of selfhood and dignity that the youth feel. John Jackson’s tragic death is a responsibility that we all bear. And only by working together can we restore selfhood and dignity to Detroit to honor the responsibility that all of here now share.”

“Let me ask you, all of you, what has Detroit always been known for? Whether it is cars or music Detroit has always been known for innovation. I ask you, other than finding new ways to embarrass the city with public scandal that the outside world laughs at, where is the spirit of Motown innovation? Is it the fault of the neighboring communities that their population grows while Detroit’s shrinks? Is it the fault of everyone else that the abandoned houses in Detroit continue to grow and be used by squatters and gangs to carve out more turf for themselves? No, my friends, the first step in recovery is to look in the mirror and admit that we have a problem and that the problem is us.”

“Now, I’d hate to sound like a Republican, but we need to have some more jobs in the city to provide hope. I mean, face it folks, there isn’t any money left in the coffers for the city to improve the situation we are in. And as this election process evolves my campaign will issue plans to take advantage of the things that Detroit does best: make cars and make music.”

“For the cars we need to make new cars that point to the future but we also need to make car systems that point to the future. Ask anyone and they will tell you that half the problem with an electric car is that there is no place to refuel an electric car. If you look around the USA you see gas stations all over but do you see stations to provide electricity? You don’t, because of the issues involved with generating electricity in convenient locations for the public to use. But the biggest issue is that there is no blueprint for what the station looks like. We will propose that the city not only take advantage of the local talent available to make electric cars but that the city also take advantage of the talent available to create the electric car service station footprint that can be franchised throughout the USA. With the franchising fees collected we can then pay for the school system and city service improvements that are needed to make our city shine again.”

“To start this process we can use eminent domain to retake the land of the worst abandoned houses in the city to create the start of a new city to house the new companies to create the new companies to bring the electric car to the light of day. It’s been proven time and again that small companies provide the innovation to move progress forward and I mean no disrespect to the Big Three for they have done wonderful things over the years for but we can no longer afford to wait on them.”

“Clearing out these slums will provide construction jobs that will help our communities. Property values will increase with the cleanup of the city and the improvement of city services.”

“For the music industry we need to welcome and promote the local talent. You can’t tell me that the talent is not here but the thing is no one on a large scale hears it. We need recording studios and a system that promotes a new Motown sound for the future as well as celebrates the music of the past.”

“My campaign will be rolling out these and more ideas that point to a future of unity and working together to improve the condition of the citizens of this city versus clinging to a past of fear of unity. My children, your children, our children, the children of this city…they cannot wait on more of the same. They need action now. The time for real change has come. I thank you for your support.”


In the early 1960's Cassius Clay railed against the establishment.
He asked "When I turn on the TV or look in a magazine what do I see? I see the white man selling me everything!"
He was correct.

It is now 50 years later.
The USA is 20 years removed from NWA (Niggaz With Attitude).
Heck, one of them lost the attitude; Doctor Dre is selling Soda Pop on TV!
According to E-TV Oprah made $25,000,000 each of the last 2 years and more power to her!

Kidokezo Koo is the Mayor of Detroit. He is from a bi-racial family; his Mother is Black; His father is White; His skin color is White; His Birth Certificate says he is Black because the race on the Birth Certificate is taken from the Mother (father could be anyone).

How Kidokezo became Mayor of Detroit is one of two stories interlaced but...he is Mayor of Detroit...he is in trouble for corruption...go figure!

What do politicians do when they are in trouble? They deflect criticism elsewhere.
Mayor Koo is championing Reparations legislation.
Mayor Koo has started The African American Coalition on Reparations Now (AACORN)!

The 2011 plot is a road trip from Orlando to Detroit up I-75.
Mayor Koo takes care of personal vendettas along the way
AACORN comes in and manipulates the crime scenes as to reasons why the Reparation Legislation should be passed.

AACORN Marketing Campaigns include

(Version 2 of the ad coming ASAP!)


Nlm FEATURES a fiery scene at the basketball followed by an exciting chase scene!!!

(Sorry…that chase map is held in reserve!!!)

Nlm FEATURES speeches at the fox theatre!!!