“Working Draft”

South Beach "Chase A; Part 1”

blindLESS FEATURES chase scenes in south beach including a mAjor fight in the Lincoln road mall!!!

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blindLESS FEATURES disco demolition night!!!
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The sound of bodies slamming into the door trying to force it open startled Ileana. She turned and saw two angry men trying to force the door. A third man came running up the street. Horns were honking. People were yelling. The Young and The Restless was blaring. Sirens in the street were wailing. A fourth man came running up the street. She saw the third man stop and pull out a gun. Her eyes widened more.

She heard the gun man yell something about police. The men at the door were now kicking at the door frame. The fourth man passed the gun man. The gun man threw up his arms in frustration and holstered his weapon. She turned to look at the naked woman. The woman had given up untangling her own clothes and had taken an orange sarong off a hanger and wrapped around her thighs. The woman was in the process of putting on an expensive silky black shirt with Chinese characters on it.

“Vat are you doingk?” Ileana yelled. She stepped toward the woman not really sure what she was doing other than to figure out what she would do with her clothes. Suddenly she was in a tug of war for the top the woman was putting on. They exchanged unpleasantries. Ileana pulled at the sleeve of the top that the woman had her arm through. The woman tugged the opposite way with the force of her body. The shirt lost; the arm ripped; Ileana fell backwards falling down against the door the men banged against.

Ileana looked up above her and outside the front door. The four men brawled outside on the street. She righted herself against the door. Anger kicked in; the crazy woman had a sweet white\blue butterfly blouse in her hands. Ohhhh!!! she thought; she took two steps in that direction.


The body of the gun man came flying through the front window. Ileana took a glass shard bath. Ileana’s was paneless. The mannequins in the window knocked into her knocking her went down again. The two older thugs entered through the broken window. “NNNNOOOOOOO!!!” Ileana screamed.

Ileana’s eye moved forward. Naked Woman had the new top on with the top button buttoned. Naked Woman decided it was time to go. Ileana saw Naked Woman grab her purse running full sprint to the back room behind the curtain at the back of the store.


The door to the back room was obscured by the curtain. It was not blindless. Naked Woman hit the door full force. Like an NFL kickoff return man running full force into a wall of coverage men Naked Woman solidly bounced off the door going airborne as she flew back and down to the floor. She had no place to run. The Young and The Restless above here seemed to be laughing at her. Three changing booths were to her left. Naked Woman dropped the curtains for all three and ran into one of them. Ileana stood up to run after Naked Woman.

One goon shoved Ileana aside running towards the back of the store. The other goon fell forward to the ground as a younger man jumped on his back. The younger man sprawled forward off the man’s back. The younger man stood up.

The older goon stood up. The goon picked up a mannequin. He blindlessly swung the mannequin back and forth chasing after the young man as they stepped towards the back of the store. The swinging mannequin hit clothing racks and display cabinets. Merchandise flew everyone. Ileana found herself inadvertently wearing the thong bikini as it flew on top of her.

Ileana started to cry and then she found herself ducking to avoid being hit by the swinging mannequin. She fell to the ground and found herself next to the body of the gunman who had been thrown through the window. The gunman’s eyes stared at her but there was little motion. Blood poured from a glass cut rip in the neck. He gurgled at her for help. “EYYYYAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Ileana screamed a bloodcurdling scream.


The scream distracted the young man. The swinging mannequin caught him in the head dropping him to the ground. The goon kicked him. No movement occurred. The goon decided the young boy was out. He turned his attention to his partner and Naked Woman.

The goon at the back of the store opened curtain number one: He saw nothing. The goon opened curtain number two; He saw nothing. He opened curtain number three; legs were trying to climb through the ceiling tile. Ileana heard the goon sarcastically say “Peek-A-Boo!” followed by a female squeal. The goon extended arms trying to grab legs kicking to avoid being grabbed. The goon’s partner joined him. They each grabbed a naked hot wing drumstick. Ileana heard them say “Nice toothpick cut!”; she heard a mewl and then


They yanked her body down. Ileana heard Naked Woman’s head hit the bench seat in the changing room. They hauled her out of the room and


Ileana witnessed her punched in the stomach and face. Naked Woman’s body flew back into the changing room from the force of the blows. The two men grinned at each other; they were obviously going to enter the changing room when


Young man grabbed the gun from the holster of the bleeding gunman. He fired. The first shot hit the sunglass case next the counter exploding the display. The second shot shattered the glass of the register counter. The third shot took out the flat screen panel above the heads of the goons. That got the goon’s attention. They drew revolvers from inside their clothing.

Young Boy said “Oh Shit” and took off to the blindless store front. The couple curious onlookers who had gathered out front screamed and scattered.


Shots flew at Young Boy. He hit the pavement in time to avoid being hit.


The back door of the store flew open. Ileana’s husband Sarko entered the room slamming his body into the two goons. The goons guns flew out of their hands and the three men wrestled and fought on the floor. Now Skimpily Dressed Woman stepped out of the changing room picking her way around the WWF show to the now open door. She disappeared into the backroom.

South Beach

Ileana Nikolina’s mind was in turmoil. It was late evening and her husband Darko would be back with food soon and they would close shop for the night soon. The flat screen panel at the back of the store by the dressing rooms loudly played the Soap Opera channel. She stood at the back counter eyeing a couple of the skimpy new bikini’s that had just arrived for sale in the swimwear store that they had just opened. Starting the retail shop was the dream of the Romanian émigrés life and now the dream lived. They even opened the store before getting a sign out front with the store name which was her name! Ileana’s Sexy Beachwear is what the colorful beautiful sign would read. Her mental turmoil swirled around what skimpy outfit she should model for husband.

The store was empty. The sexy men and women of The Young and The Restless helped her mind think exciting thoughts. Should she wear the red swimsuit or the deep blue outfit? Red is always for sex but a girl can only wear red so many times in a week and the ad in the magazine open in front of her was showing the blue suit being modeled and she liked how it looked. Besides she had just worn red for Valentine’s Day! But her hair color was henna and she didn’t know that she liked how the blue matched the reddish color. She could try the leopard thong outfit on; she knew that she would look super hot in it but that could be saved for a more special occasion. Plus anything she wore would have to be washed and discreetly put back for sale or she would have to keep it and she didn’t go into business to buy clothes for herself. But she was so excited that they were finally open that she really really really wanted some and she wanted some good; she didn’t want some bad or some so so! She squirmed by herself thinking about it.

ground. She hobbled around on the high heels she still sported. She slunk up the side of the rear doors of the Club Madonna labeled limo slowly working her way forward to get her goods off the hood. Her eyes witnessed the two goons who held the knife at the cops come out of the Club. She bent her head down below the hood of the car. Her body bent in the street like an L shape. The goons looked around assessing which way to go.


Passengers riding in cars along Washington moving very slowly rolled their car windows down smacking Dawn’s callipygian protuberance hard with open palms. It became an impromptu game accompanied with cat calls. The stinging caused her to yelp and stand up. The goons saw Dawn’s head pop up from behind the limo. They pointed at her and then to each other to circle around the limo to grab her. Dawn sped forward to go to the hood of the limo eyeing the goon coming after her from behind.


The limo driver opened his door of the limo just before she came to it. The limo window was down and Dawn ran into the door. She found herself looking at the pavement feeling her legs kicking in the air as her body bent over the limo door. The limo driver made sure to cop a feel stepping out next to her as the goon came around the back of the vehicle. Dawn exclaimed “OOH!” as she felt her flesh felt. She kicked her legs as she tried to free herself to get over the door. She felt hands on each of her legs. Each man held a separate drumstick.

(working draft note: I know; she can’t actually go over a window as high as the limo window. There is a humorous solution in the redraft waiting to be written. Just chill and enjoy the humor!)

The goon let her left leg go as he grabbed the car door attempting to slam the door into the limo driver. The driver let go of her right leg to stop the door from slamming into him. Dawn slid off over the car door feeling her panties slide down her legs as her body slid over the door. It didn’t register in her mind that this had happened. She stood up making a move to get her clothes from the hood of the car while the goon and the limo driver fought with each other. She fell face first as the panties tangled her legs and then finished rolling off of her feet. Dawn stood up realizing she her bottomless pit showed. She exclaimed “AAACCCKKK!” covering the view with her hands.

The other goon stood in front of the limo holding her clothes and purse. He smiled at Dawn shaking his head issuing a TSK TSK sound. The two men at the door behind Dawn traded punches with each other.

Joe and Robert Kledas came out of Club Madonna. Joe saw Golden Fist and Scarred Arm chasing after Aug. He bolted in their direction through the crowd of pedestrians.

Robert saw the trouble facing Dawn. He didn’t know who she really was but his chivalry mode kicked in. He ran at the goon holding Dawn’s clothes.

Dawn saw Robert coming to her aid. She smiled broadly at the goon removing her hands and flashing him. “Peek-A-Boo!” she said. She ran a couple fingers over the area saying “Like my shave job? It’s a tooth pick cut!”

The distraction worked. The crack of Dawn was stunning. Brief mesmerization of the Goon relaxed him. Robert jumped on his back forcing him into traffic. They hit the hood of a car moving few miles per hour. The vehicle stopped. Dawn’s clothes and purse went flying out of the goons hands farther into the lanes of vehicles. Those vehicles stopped and Washington Street started backing up.

Dawn stepped out of her heels. She picked up her other shoes from the hood of the car. She ran through the stopped traffic to get her clothes and purse.

The goon with the limo driver had the upper hand actively pounding the drivers head into the vehicle. Robert’s goon fell backwards from the impact with the hood of the car in traffic. They fell backwards on top of Robert. Robert’s head smacked the pavement as the goon’s body and the asphalt sandwiched him.

Dawn ran by as the Goon on top of Robert stood up. He reached for with both arms. His right arm caught the back side of her brassiere. He yanked the top causing Dawn’s body to stop moving. The pulling of the fabric caused a form of immediate dress dysmorphia; the feeling was not pleasant. Dawn yelped, lost her footing and went down. The fabric slid up to her shoulders to her neck. The goon’s fingers slid out of the fabric.

Dawn stood up and turned to face the goon. Honking car horns and cat calls greeted her. Her arms instinctively covered herself and then she tried a “Peek…”


The punch hit her in the right temple knocking her sideways onto the hood of the car. The goon extended his arms to grab Dawn.


Robert yanked the goon’s legs out from under him. The goon head slammed into the hood of the car just missing Dawn. The force stunned him. He tried to raise his head.


Dawn slammed her shoes onto the goon’s skull. The weight of the shoes bounced the goons head off of the car hood. The whacks of Dawn were stunning.

She turned to pick up her blouse and skirt throwing them into her purse. Her shoes also went in. Then she took off running down the boulevard separating the lanes of Washington Avenue. The center promenade stopped at 16th street; she found herself avoiding cross traffic.

The goon pummeling the limo driver looked over at what was occurring. He delivered one last face rearranging blow and took off after Dawn. The prone Robert lay in his path. The goon made sure to step on Robert’s head while rousing his partner. “C’mon!” he exclaimed exhorting his buddy to take off after Dawn.

Greg Czarnacki and his buddies calmly walked out of Club Madonna. They had no interest in the chase. They discreetly melted into the crowd.

Sirens and cops on two wheelers approached the scene. The bouncers exited the Club and went to aid their beaten up co-worker. Detectives Williams and Williams came out of the club. Derrick pointed after the chase of Aug exclaiming to his partner “You go that way!” Derrick took off after the men chasing Dawn.

Robert crawled up the car to his feet. Assessing the situation he too joined the Dawn chase.

Dawn stood at the intersection of 16th and Washington struggling with her twisted brassiere looking for a spot to get by the passing cars. She decided “Arrgghh” removing her top. The rack of Dawn was stunning. Some traffic stopped gawking and honking and hooting. Dawn smiled thinking I’ve still got it! She couldn’t resist a 1960’s shimmy. The honking picked up.


The shimmy caused accordions of vehicles crunching each other at slow speeds. Dawn picked her purse up running across the intersection. Her eyes went to a lighted business with no sign on it that.

Cars honking caused Ileana to look up from the sales counter. Traffic seemed stalled in the street outside the window. Something was going on but the register area sat three quarters of the way back in the store so she couldn’t see. Ileana slowly walked to the front of the store past case of sunglasses and swimsuits and shirts designed for South Beach lifestyle. She made it to the mannequin stand in the front when her eyes bugged out. A nearly naked woman wearing fishnet stockings carrying a large purse ran into the store.

“Help Me!” the woman screamed at her. Ileana came forward and locked the door. She turned and watched the woman fumble with some clothing in her bag. The lady kept saying “Damn!” as the clothing was jumbled together and every move she made to untangle the clothes seemed to tangle the clothes even more.

One goon got following her into the doorway when


Skimpily Dressed Woman smashed the satellite TV set top box that she saw on shelf into the face of the goon. He fell backwards as the cords attached to flat screen TV broke free causing the TV to break free crashing down on the two men wrestling on the floor. Ileana heard the eight foot ladder in the backroom crashing as well as the chairs and tables also in the back room. The goons got up to pick up the chase again; she could hear them throwing those things around in the backroom as they tried to charge through the newly created mess in the back.

Sarko got up and ran to Ileana. He put his arms around her eyeing her over asking “Ileana, are you all right?” He then noticed the body on the floor near her. She looked around the store at the trashing of her life and then at her husband. All her life she had worked hard and followed the rules and now her life was trashed. She lost it bawling uncontrollably as she had been hit by The American Dream.

Dawn ran out Ileana’s back door. She found herself in a small dumpy courtyard boxed in by buildings with a narrow access to the next street. She ran through the buildings creating the courtyard exiting to a parking lot. She continued right down Drexel running towards the Lincoln Mall.

Her gait slowed. The street and pedestrian mall ahead teemed with people, activity, and bustling noise. Clowns with white faces and red lipstick and noses were performing for couples and families. A female comedian with a mobile piano occupied one lane of the road playing songs for her crowd. Comedic ten foot muscle men in thirties style beach wear with jumping stilts towered over gawkers. A statue mime of Adonis entranced people. Tissu artists played above the people on vibrant red and blue strips tied to the palm trees at either end of ten foot center mall walkway and temporary stands erected on the street. This allowed the performers to crisscross the road above the crowd swinging like trapeze artists.

Dawn found herself thinking How cool! The aerial acrobats movements momentarily mesmerized her; like her they were operating without a net. The spry gymnasts were nodding to each other and looking behind Dawn. She turned seeing the goons running up Drexel at her. Time to go she thought.

She cut right past the diners enjoying their bread at Paul’s. A spur of the moment attempt to hide popped into mind. She skirted across the sidewalk past the canopied outdoor seating for the restaurant patrons stepping into the grassy median center walkway. Dawn sidled her back against one of the palms and stood motionless. She felt eyes looking at her. Looking up she saw a couple of the tree swingers looking down at her.

“Hey baby! What’s going on there?!” The voices came from young boys at a Paul’s table. They took turns whistling and saying things like “Nice stockings” and “Nice outfit” and “Let us buy you a drink” as well as other general hooting and hollering.

Dawn peeked her head left around the palm. It didn’t take much; the tree trunks weren’t that thick. The goons were milling with one on each side of the street looking for her but they were clearing past her hiding place. She turned back right exclaiming “Agggghhhhh!!!” One of the young boys was in front of her face.

“Hey baby, what’s the matter?” The young man said pressing an arm against the palm tree. “Who ya hiding from, eh? C’mon, come have a brewski with us, eh?” Young boy placed a hand on her arm to pull her to the table.

Great she thought. A drunk Canuck. Just what I need now! “Go away” Dawn said. “Just leave me alone.”

Young Boy would have nothing of it. He liked what he saw and his arms became grabbier. Dawn exclaimed “Agggghhhhh!!!” again and ran around the tree to the other side. The commotion caught the attention of the goon on her side of the street. A sarcastic smile appeared on the goons face. He turned walking back towards her.

Golden Fist’s reflection reflected in the front window of the limo. Dawn’s eyes grew big seeing the hand metal coming at her. She rolled aside in time to miss the blow. The arm coming down crushed the hood of the car. Dawn screamed “RAPIST!” and worked her way towards the back of the limo. The flash crowd on the street felt confused but chivalrous enough to want to come the aid of the hot looking nearly naked lady being chased by a crazed man with a shiny Golden Fist.

There would be no stopping Golden Fist. He belted the nearest chivalrous crowd members that came at him. His powerful punch crunched bone. Faces bloodied. The crowd backed away from Golden Fist providing an avenue of escape.


Scarred Arm ran out of the Club and into the fray. He drew a sidearm firing it into the air. The crowd screamed in panic and started scattering. Scarred Arm saw Aug running down the street. He waved his arm to Golden Fist yelling “C’mon…let the bitch go! The SOB is going that way!” They chased after Aug.

Dawn hid behind the limo on the Washington Street side. Traffic on Washington slowed to observe her activities. She was bent over at the waist near trunk of the limo. Her clothes, purse and shoes lay on the hood of the stretch as well as on the

The dripping wet lingerie clad very bouncy Dawn garnered hoots and cheers from the crowd as she exited Club Madonna. She pulled at Aug to have him come with her. “C’mon” she yelled but she could barely hear her voice; the ringing was starting to tone down. Golden Fist came out of Club Madonna; her mind said Time to go! She pulled Aug one direction and Aug pulled her another direction. They lost their hold going separate ways.

Dawn wheeled around and ran smack into the Club Madonna limo. Her purse flew from her hand. Clothes flew out from the open hasp over the top of the limo. Dawn sprawled across the hood of the vehicle.

Golden Fist felt fury. His chance to repay Aug for destroying his hand existed and the bitch effed everything up. He would pound her head into the limo. She lay across the hood of the car. He swung his metal hand down to brain her.